Video Recording: Susan Fignar on Relationship Management

Talk: Target Meaningful Relationships to UP Your Social Capital

Developing successful relationships and learning how to confidently relate and connect with others requires much more than showing up with a smile at a Zoom or in-person networking event.

Cultivate your CURIOSITY …

  • Create an opportunity to bond with others
  • Uncover and discover interesting facts / details
  • Relate on a deeper, more meaningful level
  • Influence others through your engagement and communication
  • Open to the unexpected
  • Show interest and get ready to experience surprise
  • Inspire others to be the best they can be
  • Transform everyday / mundane tasks into interesting and enjoyable experiences
  • Yes … say yes before you say no. Focus on positivity

You need to be prepared and focused while presenting yourself as an Ambassador of your company. Susan will highlight key points to “Cultivate Your CURIOSITY” of the Relationship Management Practices to help you build, deepen and leverage new and existing relationships. She will close with a few behaviors that can tarnish your credibility when establishing and strengthening relationships.

Recorded: November 6, 2020

About Susan:

Susan Fignar, President of Pur*sue Inc., is a seasoned trainer, career and life coach who shares her time between Chicago and Scottsdale. Susan has worked with many leading corporations, small and medium size businesses. She has helped thousands of individuals across a wide range of industries achieve a higher level of professionalism through professional presence, leadership, communications, energy and relationship management. Susan is recognized by clients for her unique ability to uncover the essence of issue and discover untapped skills and talents. She is known as a connector who is passionate about bringing people together for business and social engagement. Susan’s training and coaching style is conversational and direct with a dose of encouragement, empathy and humor.

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