Video Recording: Paul Detlefs on Running a Business

Talk: Get a Grip on Your Business–Are you Running Your Business or is it Running You?

If you’d like to be more in control of your organization, you’re not alone. As thousands of business leaders have discovered, the key to faster growth, bigger profits, and fewer frustrations is to have a complete system of running your business. The Entrepreneurial Operating System is a comprehensive business system with real, simple, practical tools. This presentation helps participants learn to implement a simple way of operating that helps leaders clarify, simplify, and achieve their vision.

Key Takeaways:

  • Review the six key components of top companies
  • Learn a powerful tool to achieve and clarify your vision
  • Work with 2 simple tools to get the right people in the right seats
  • Build the right company scorecard to deliver an absolute pulse on your business
  • Master practical tools that successful entrepreneurs use to get things done

View the Slides: EOS Talk (PDF)

Recorded: December 4, 2020

About Paul:

Paul Detlefs is a frequent speaker, writer, and mentor on the subjects of entrepreneurship, business management, and business leadership. After a long career advising business owners and leaders in his role as a partner at Accenture, in 2002 Paul started his own firm, The Prestwick Group, to serve small and mid-market companies. He spends nearly all of his time helping clients grow stronger businesses with the Entrepreneurial Operating System. In his career, he has helped over 200 companies grow stronger and improve profitability. He is an honors graduate of DePauw University and the University of Chicago–Booth School of Business. He is a certified EOS Implementer, a CPA, and a member and sponsor of the Small Business Advocacy Council. Paul can be reached at

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