Video Recording: Erika Gerdes on Organizational Change

Change is inevitable – and hard. We may want change, we may even work hard to change, but get frustrated, overwhelmed and exhausted when progress is slow or the improvements don’t stick.

In this talk Erika will get to the heart of why change is elusive and share a 3 step program, called the Art of Undoing, that everyone can begin practicing, which will shift their mindsets and enable them to make true change in their lives, in their organizations, and in the world.

Recorded: June 5, 2020

About Erika Gerdes:
Erika is an authenticity advocate speaker, coach and writer. She is the designer of The Art of Undoing, which helps people undo their limiting beliefs to unlock greater confidence, joy and impact.

Erika is a former global business executive at Google, where she worked for 12 years before leaving at the height of her career, as a single mom, to pursue her mission for helping people live into their full range and amplify their impact.


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