Video Recording: Kevin Piket on Building a LinkedIn Presence

Talk: Tips You Can Use TODAY to Build Your LinkedIn Presence the Right Way

This session is a great opportunity for you to learn how you can utilize LinkedIn to help you grow your business. After this session, you will walk away with learning how create the right profile that defines who you are, you will increase your network engagement through postings and you will learn to use LinkedIn to help build and grow your network. LinkedIn is my number one prospecting tool and I can show you how to make it yours.

Key Points:

  • creating the right profile that defines who you are
  • increase your network engagement through postings
  • use LinkedIn to build and grow your network

Recorded: July 10, 2020

About Kevin Piket:

There are two things I really enjoy in my professional life; I enjoy everything about the sales profession and I really like helping people. Whether it’s helping sales professionals with skill development or helping my customers solve their challenges and issues and help them achieve their goals. It’s my passion!

I believe the experiences that I have encountered over my 25+ years in sales and sales leadership shaped me to who I am today. Specifically, my applicable experience and key strengths include: excellent communication skills, successful sales leadership experience, strong ability to build relationships through networking, my “hunter” mentality when developing new business and my success around closing business. I believe in relationship sales and working through my personal network, which I refer to as my “Personal Sphere of Influence” to close business. Overall, I like to bring my high energy and positive attitude to any opportunity that I am involved with.

I have motto that I live by and it is “Feedback is a gift, it’s up to you how you unwrap it”.


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