Video Recording: Sarah Finch on Organizational Change

Talk: Winning the Game of Change

Change in business is such the norm these days that times with limited change almost feel abnormal! Despite the fast pace of change, many leaders still fumble when asked to lead a change. Sarah has spent years working with companies going through massive change, and has helped those leaders reduce the resistance and maximize buy in so the change happens smoothly. Your audience will walk away with tools to approach change effectively.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Biggest mistakes leaders make when implementing change
  • How to plan for change…even when you don’t know it is coming
  • The building blocks that lead to a successfully implementing change

Recorded: September 4, 2020

About Sarah Finch:

Sarah Finch has spent almost 20 years working as a facilitator, coach and speaker to help leaders at all levels be successful. Sarah’s programs have helped leaders improve team dynamics, navigate changes smoothly and communicate with clarity – all with driving end results in mind.

After spending the first part of her life on the stage, her business career includes leadership roles that have taken her from leading improv-based corporate learning programs with the famed Second City comedy theater to shaping cause-driven leaders making a difference in their communities with the YMCA, to developing executives for cutting-edge software companies with Vista Equity Partners. Her clients have included Deloitte, GE Healthcare, McKinsey, Major League Baseball, Kraft, Farmer’s Insurance, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Abbott Labs, Cisco, Accenture, Harley Davidson, the IRS and many others.

She is an accomplished conference speaker having engaged audiences from 30 to 3000 in breakouts and on the main stage. Throughout her career, she has been interviewed by, SHRM Online, The Chicago Tribune, American Executive and CLO Magazine.

Sarah holds a BS in Performance Studies from Northwestern University and an MA in Educational Theatre from New York University.

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