Video Recording: Hank Ebeling on Customer Service

Title: Building a Team of Customer Service Superheroes

It’s really hard right now to find any team members let alone quality team members. This talk we will discuss how to find, hire and onboard quality talent who can help deliver outstanding service to help your business boost revenue, increase retention, get more 5 star reviews and have never ending referrals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn the key questions to ask to uncover their potential to serve
  • Learn to onboard new hires like Nordstrom, Chick-Fil-A and other successful companies do
  • Learn how to reward and keep team members accountable for customer service

Watch this recording to learn how to find, hire, and onboard quality talent to build a top-notch customer service team for your business.

Recorded: April 8, 2022

About Hank:

Hank Ebeling is a sought after speaker and small-business entrepreneur and the founder and owner of H4 Training gyms. He’s built his career on a passion for customer service and customer experience, and today helps other small business owners transform their customer service. Hank hosts his popular Success Trails Podcast which focuses on small business owners and their success. Hank recently authored the book Crushing the Competition with Service, which is available on Amazon.

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