Video Recording: Laticia Thompson on Emotional Intelligence

Talk: Emotional Intelligence… Knowing Thyself Is Only Half of It

Many of us have found ourselves in situations where we’re perplexed by an individual’s behavior, feelings, and thoughts. Sometimes their reactions can be off-putting and drive a wedge between relationships. The other side of the coin is that we, too, can be just as perplexing to the people we live and work with.


  • Explore the four elements of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and why it’s essential to our personal and professional lives
  • Learn how to identify when your emotions and the emotions of others are comprising the results you need/want to accomplish as a leader
  • Learn strategies to strengthen your EQ muscle
  • Discover techniques on how to clarify your intent when others misunderstand it

During this talk, you will discover how to inspire better behavior in others by being keenly aware of how to manage our own triggers and behavior.


  1. Emotional Intelligence Handout (PDF)
  2. Emotional Intelligence Table Strategies (PDF)

Recorded: August 6, 2021

About Laticia:

Laticia (Tish) Thompson is the Founder and Chief Legacy Partner of Legacy Blueprint, LLC: a management consulting firm that teaches people how to play in the sandbox respectfully and productively with each other. She is known for building the best organizational culture possible by driving change that sticks, and creating a learning experience that’s fun, thought-provoking, and capitalizes on the knowledge in the room.

Tish holds a Master of Science degree in Management and Organizational Behavior, and is currently pursuing her PhD in Business Psychology. She delivers content in the areas of leadership, change, organizational culture, and self-discovery. She was a featured speaker for TEDxNaperville 2020 Conference. Tish is a mother of four, a five-time marathon finisher, and never has a bad hair day.

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